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A social club for the exceptionally tall….

Special Notices...

New Board Members have been selected, a special welcome to the new board, and a special thank you to the previous board members for all their hard work. See Tom’s Toppix as New President, See Wendy’s Wanderings, they always have excellent articles for you.

See Pictures Alice Party for Bob and Sheila

It’s summer, Concerts in the Park’s are in full swing, support live music and have a great time with great musicians available in Southern California, your terrific hosts Debbie and Nancy will answer your questions for Marina Del Rey, Manhattan Beach and Woodland Hills.

SPECIAL NOTICE, to those who attended our 75th. Anniversary Party, thanks to Dave the great band we had Flashback is now Outback, see article on the various members.  Congrats to the terrific band.

If you get a chance they still play periodically at Trani’s Long Beach and various other places.